About Us

About Us

One pure drop scent oil is a high-quality brand infused with natural aromas and scent.
Incorporated with affection and defined by imaginative translations of significant locations, we offer a unique tactile experience to create fragrant blazes.
It arose from a desire to meet the needs of the present while remaining harmless to the ecosystem’s customers.

The end result is a contribution of vegetarian, cruelty-free, and manageability-driven aromas that are non-poisonous on the skin and kind to the environment.

Our ingredients are amicable and ethically sourced from around the world and locally.
The hard way, mixing, packaging, and transportation are completed with care and love.
We collaborate with the most reputable suppliers allowing us to achieve a pinnacle of classiness and confidence.

Holding fast to the core of our ethos, we just work with producers that give straightforwardness across working conditions, tasks and affirmations which are lined up with how we direct our business.

Holding true to our core values, we only work with producers who provide transparency in terms of working conditions, tasks, and proclamations that are in line with how we run our business.

Since our business practices are based on a strong sense of family and social responsibility, we are gradually investing in services and equipment to improve and enhance our procedures, as well as to use eco-friendly packaging.

To guarantee that we create trust and sustain long-term connections, we see our clients as an extension of our family and proceed to connect with and listen to what they have to say as part of our family first methods.


We provide premium quick shipping, so you can be rest assured that your order will arrive safely and securely.


Our perfumes are manufactured with high-quality ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and last a long time.


With over 300+ 5-star reviews and a 10% discount on all first-time orders, we guarantee customer satisfaction.


We provide secure and dependable payment systems and all forms of payment methods are accepted.