Is Perfume Oil Better than Perfume?

Perfumes are favoured by many around the world today as a luxury item, functional body spice and fragrance. 

The use of perfumes is almost as old as the history of man himself, with its use stretching back thousands of years ago.

Today, the two most popular forms of perfume are oil-based and alcohol-based perfumes. 

While both have their merits, this article will focus on the apparent merits of oil-based perfumes over their alcohol-based equivalent.

Perfume oils are better moisturisers

In the case of oil-based perfumes, they do not dry on the skin in the manner alcohol-based perfumes do. 

Because the base is oil, the feel comes more natural and moisturising to the skin, as opposed to the quick-dry feel of alcohol that results in some dryness which many may find irritating. 

Subsequently, perfume oils are better moisturisers, making them the natural go-to choice for folk who have dry skin. 

Fixative strength of alcohol-based perfume

In perfumery, a fixative is a substance used as a balance to the effects of vapour pressure. This means that fixatives affect the volatility of the essential compounds in perfume oil. 

It also helps to increase the strength of the perfumes. Examples of fixatives include myrrh, muscone, benzoin and labdanum. 

The concentration of fixative in alcohol-based perfumes is much higher than that of oil-based perfumes because of the rapid evaporation rate in the former. The evaporation rate of oils is not as high, and thus they require less strong fixatives. 

As many of these fixatives are synthetic (e.g ambroxide, cyclopentadecanolide and diphenylmethane) and may be chemically harmful to the body, preference for oil-based perfumes is very well justified as they are healthier. 

Instead of these harmful synthetic fixatives, the longevity of the oils can be enhanced through the use of natural fixatives e.g. olibanum and benzoin resin. 

Higher concentration levels in oil perfumes

Regarding concentration levels, eau de toilette and eau de cologne perfumes are far less concentrated than perfume oils. That is to say that the former is more watered down than the latter. 

For this reason, primarily, the fragrance of oil perfumes will last much longer than that of regular alcohol-based fragrances. 

So, if you’re looking for scents to last you the entire day, oil-based perfume should be the preferred option.

Comfortable mildness of oil perfumes

For the very reason that oil fragrances last longer, they are preferable to alcohol-based ones because the scents cling close to the skin. 

In the latter case, the fragrances tend to be stronger because of their high evaporation rate and will figuratively hit others smack across the face whenever you are nearby. 

Since your scent can be offensive to others when they smell too vigorously, the mild consistency of oil-based perfumes is much preferred. You can wear them comfortably without having to announce your scent to everyone within a few metres of yourself. 

Oil perfumes give a signature scent

If you’re looking for a signature, unique scent, the effect can be better achieved by using oil-based perfumes since there is a mass market for the product. With the sheer variety available, it is pretty easy to find a particular scent or mixture of scents that will become your signature fragrance.

Fragrance intensity of oil perfumes

If you spray a body mist, the smell that initially hits is a strongly alcoholic one. In such an instance, the effect is that the perfume becomes airier and weaker, thus reducing the overall intensity, tenacity, and heat of the scent. 

This process of dilution will result in a less cloying perfume. On the other hand, this can be a turn-off for users that prefer their scents pure and unadulterated without hints of generic or synthetic additives. 

Thus, for people with sensitive olfactory organs, perfume oils are preferred.

Shipping bans for alcohol perfumes

Alcohol-based perfumes contain ethanol. For this reason alone, it is incredibly difficult to ship the products internationally. 

There have been several cases of strict rules and regulations imposed on the shipping of alcohol-based perfumes. In many countries, transport of goods is limited to domestic shipping. 

On the other hand, oil-based perfumes are much more practical to use, as their global circulation is not restricted in the manner of alcohol-based perfumes. 

Ease of use for oil perfumes

In the applications of both products, oil-based perfumes are much easier and more convenient to use, given that they are simply applied to the pulse points with the roll-on device. 

Alcohol-based perfumes have to be sprayed or spritzed. The spray may be inconvenient for users who do not like to wash their hands after using perfume, leading to a preference for alcohol-based fragrances. 

Smaller package size for oil perfumes

In addition, convenience preference can be seen in the light of the packaging size of both products. Oil perfumes tend to come in smaller bottles, while alcohol-based ones often come in large bottles. 

Despite their small size, the fragrance concentration in oil perfumes is usually a minimum of 20% higher than that of alcohol-based perfumes. 

Now you know why perfumes oils are becoming the choice of many people! For more tips on perfume oils and their benefits, subscribe to our mailing list by visiting our website